The candy next to checkout

Our widget displays eye-catching 👀 yet unobstructive offers right in the Shopify checkout. They look so native we’re shocked Shopify hasn’t stolen our idea...yet

What’s your checkout candy?

Make it the perfect combo by offering a complementary product. Like sneakers > sneaker cleaner.

Turn buyers into members by offering membership plans.

Power your giveback program by offering a donation.

Dynamic checkout offers

Use our rule engine and deliver hyper-targeted offers based on cart contents directly in checkout.

Target based on what’s in the cart, create rules using:

  • ✅ Product Price
  • ✅ Product Title
  • ✅ Product Tag
  • ✅ Vendor
  • ✅ Compare at

Real-time analytics so you can drive sales

We’ll keep track of how many orders get bumped, the total revenue generated by the app, and how each product performs.

And we’ll send you a daily email report about it.

"Since installing Order Bump, we've seen upwards of an 1100% ROI in the first 3 months. It's now an essential part of our checkout flow."

Amanda Schermerhorn, COO

“Since installing Order Bump, we’ve seen upwards of an 1100% ROI in the first 3 months. It’s now an essential part of our checkout flow.”

Amanda Schermerhorn, COO


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